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Solar Power
India is a tropical country, with 300 clear sunny days in a year. The theoretical solar power reception is about 5 trillion MWh /year. This is far more than the total energy consumption of the country in a year. The daily average solar insolation over most parts of India varies from 4 to 7 kWh /m2.   This emphasizes India’s immense scope of securing its energy needs through solar.
Solar Thermal (Concentrated Solar Power-CSP) Projects

Entegra is in advanced discussions to undertake CSP Projects in Rajasthan and Gujarat; the two states in India with the highest solar radiation characteristics. The initial capacities of the proposed projects are 10 MW in Rajasthan , the projects can be scaled up to 200 MW. The projects will be first-of-its-kind in the field of CSP based power generation in India.

Rajasthan Desert Sun Project (10 MW)

Plant Type
Grid connected
Estimated investment

10 MW
Solar Thermal
Yes, upto 200 MW
Jodhpur, Rajasthan
INR 3413 Mn (US$ 75.83 Mn)