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The Seven E's of Entegra
 Industriousness, channeled by strategy and powered by initiative translates into enterprise. Inspired by this sense of enterprise, Entegra has set sail for newer horizons to chart a new course in uncharted waters.
 The quest for excellence is eternal - setting benchmarks of perfection, mobilizing and integrating all resources to achieve them and then raising the bar. Entegra aims at enriching its legacy of excellence by taking it to the next level.
 Creating opportunities, providing the means and unleashing the potential of the workforce and associates. Entegra believes in true empowerment.
 Positive energy is what empowers Entegra to drive ahead, face challenges and conquer new vistas.
 Mother Nature – the ultimate provider has to be respected, nurtured and preserved. Entegra is deeply conscious of its responsibilities to mother earth and inspires a sense of corporate responsibility that will lead to sustainability.
 A gradual and definitive growth – from within and outside – that creates a distinct entity with a set of aspirations. To continuously evolve is at the very heart of survival of Entegra.
 Striving to achieve by raising the level of human consciousness. Applying the realization that we are but a spec in the universe and aiming to achieve goals not blindly but with a higher consciousness.
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